You Are Part of a Watershed

Have you ever found yourself driving along a little creek and wondered, “Does that creek have a name? Are there any fish in there? Is it clean?” The answers are probably “Yes. Yes. Not as clean as it should be, but we’re working on it.” 

What you are seeing in these roadside creeks is an active watershed. From the barely visible rivulets and streams that run through your neighborhood to the larger creeks and rivers into which they flow, these often overlooked waters are all part of a vast, interconnected system that starts quite literally in your backyard.

Saw Mill Run and Streets Run watersheds encompass 17 city neighborhoods in 17 municipalities or boroughs before the streams eventually empty into the Allegheny River. Tens of thousands of people live, work, play, and drive along their banks, but rarely consider how the health of the waterway impacts the health of the community.

We All Live Downstream

The efforts of one neighborhood to restore and protect their part of the watershed are only as good as the commitment of their upstream neighbor. That is why we partner with every local government within the watersheds and involves as many community organizations possible to ensure that plans are implemented across the board.

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